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The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm £39💫

My skin is dry all year round but particularly in the winter time. The central heating always plays havoc with my skin, meaning my face always comes out in dry patches. Been using this cleanser about 2 weeks & what an improvement in my skin 💃
I still have dry patches but they are improving everyday.
This cleanser is literally like a spa in a jar. They recommend you to inhale the scent of the balm before applying to the skin and you instantly feel relaxed, thanks to the powering smell of Moringa.
I take a hazelnut size of balm & apply to my skin in circular & effleurage movements & start to feel it melt. Next I gently go over the eye area with my ring fingers (this stops you from using heavy pressure) & the balm melts my eye makeup away. You can add water to the balm & this turns it into milky consistency.

PRO TIP- If you have sensitive skin you can mix your exfoliator into balm.

The next step is to remove the product from the skin-
The cleansing balm comes with a Professional Cleansing Cloth. Emma Hardie recommends to dampen the cloth prior & use downwards strokes to remove the product. If you have dry areas you can use the micro fibre side of the cloth to polish & perfect. Then splash the skin with water.

What I find great about this balm, is that you can use it as an intensive mask if your skin is feeling particularly dry. I would recommend to do this once a week.

If you have guessed by now I have fallen completely in love with this babe! Totally worth the price tag.


Love Shelley ❤️

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