My favourite Espa Products & why ❤️

I was lucky enough to work with ESPA in my first job as a Beauty Therapist. I absolutely loved working with this product as I really believed they worked & the smells were gorgeous.

Everything about ESPA is 5 star ⭐️ from the training they give to the products and treatments. ESPA Total Body Care Treatment was a favourite of mine. I loved the smell tests we did in all the ESPA Treatments. All the oils & Spafresh at the start of all treatments were given to the client to smell. They didn’t know which one was which but the one they liked the smell of was what their skin was lacking. For example if they liked the smell of Floral Spafresh their skin was normally dehydrated & dry but if they liked Herbal Spafresh it was oily, combination or hormonal. Your skin can change all the time so it’s quite good to have both Spafreshes so you can smell test them yourself.

The two products below are my favourite & here is why- IMG_2210ESPA Hydrating Cleansing Milk £25

This cleanser can be used in the shower or massaged into the skin & removed with cotton wool pads. The smell & the texture of the milk makes you feel like your having a professional facial in a Spa.

I have very sensitive, dry skin so this cleansing milk really helps. Can be used am & pm but I only use in the evening. If you are sensitive this can be mixed with your favourite exfoliator.

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive.

IMG_2211Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer £20

Being trained with Epsa we were always told not to promote this product as a toner to our clients. Normal toners contain a percentage of alcohol where this doesn’t contain any. For that reason most toners can feel very drying to the skin. This completely different.

This can be used am & pm on freshly cleansed skin. Can be used on dampened cotton wool pads or just spritz over the skin ( I do both ) This can also be used throughout the day on top of makeup to keep your skin hydrated, just pop it in your handbag.

I just love this product and it’s my favourite one. My skin instantly feels hydrated & glowing everytime I wear it & the smell is yummy!

Where to buy-

These two products come as a combo for just £30, saving £15- Total Bargain!!

Love Shelley

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